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Meditation & Imagination Vol. 2 (EN)


Meditation & Imagination

Vol. 2

Guided meditation album

This is a series of guided meditations which are part of the second part of the book Meditation & Imagination, a clear and practical book for anyone who practices- or wants to practice - meditation.


These meditations are a form of playful imagery exercises that can be used to creatively shape everyday life.


A text from the book is added to each meditation with a short explanation of this meditation, suggestions and background information.

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Track List

*All meditations in this album have duration options of 10, 20 & 30 minutes.



  1. Reflection on the day I

  2. Reflection on the day IV

  3. Imagination

  4. Meditation upon a question

  5. Recreation of fear

  6. Recreation of thought

  7. Meditation for the Earth

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