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Yoga & Meditation Retreat & 
Energy Healing Course
(acknowledged by the INEH)

This beautiful retreat is a true treat for Body, Mind & Soul! It is an enriching combination of a Yoga & Meditation Retreat in the beautiful nature environment of La Borde Blanque and the international Energy Healing Course. (acknowledged by the International Network for Energy Healing (INEH)). 


Healing from the Soul


This international two-year course, in Esoteric Healing is based upon the principles of health and disease, as described in the books of Alice Bailey.

The Energy Healing course is given according to the directions of the INEH: International Network of Esoteric Healing. At completion of the course the graduate receives a certificate of the INEH.



At La Borde Blanque we offer this course these four modules in the form of week retreats, combined with yoga and meditation training. A beautiful blend of balancing your body with yoga, balancing your mind with meditation, and learning how to align with your soul to work with energy for the benefit of the whole, including yourself as well as others.


This week program of the Energy Healing Course consists of 12 sessions of 2 to 4 hours. We start the days with yoga & meditation, followed by theory and practical sessions in energy healing work, alternated with free afternoons and evenings sessions with another meditation and healing session, in a rhythm that befits the season. 

All afternoons are free to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature at and around La Borde Blanque!

Purpose of the Course


A healer develops from within and by education and training one may qualify. The main aim of the course is growing awareness, development of intuition, inner alignment and the ability to use these skills for the sake of physical and mental health in its broadest sense. This may apply to one’s own health, other people’s health, the health within an organization, or society. ‘Healing’ literally means ’to become whole’. This may apply to many areas in work or life. A graduate of the course is able to work as a healer and will be able to apply his or her skills according to their own insight.



What is Energy Healing?


Our Energy Healing method was originally called: Esoteric Healing. This comprises working with subtle energy to enhance healing from within. This implies healing from the soul. The underlying philosophy is the view that we are more than our body and psyche. Everything is energy. Each human being and each living being has an energetic body, which encompasses and penetrates the physical body. This energy body, or energy field, exists in more dimensions, like the emotional-, mental-, intuitive-, and soul body. The energy field functions as a blueprint for the physical body. Disturbances in this energy field, in whatever dimension, may lead to physical complaints and illness or to psychological problems.


Method in Esoteric Healing


In Esoteric Healing the therapist will try and restore the balance in energy on the more subtle levels, so healing can take place. This is done through meditation. It is not necessary to have physical contact with the client. The therapist guides the energy from the inner core of the client through the several centers and paths of energy to the damaged parts in the energetic field. This way the self-healing ability of the client is coaxed back into action.

This method is a creative process implying personal development, which is central in the course.

Integral health care

Esoteric Healing is a worthwhile therapy, not instead of, but complementary to regular medicine. Esoteric Healing concentrates on discovering the causes of disease, by which symptoms are reduced and possibly disappear. In our view co-operation between complementary medicine and regular health care is in the interest of mankind.


The course is built on 3 components:

  • Meditation-training, to develop awareness and intuition and to learn to be able to work from inner alignment.

  • Theoretical lectures, esoteric perspectives on a variety of topics in relation to personal and spiritual growth, and aspects of health and disease, life and death.

  • Practical sessions, to study methods and techniques of balancing subtle energies and energy channels and centres in different dimensions.





∙ Meditation

∙ Development of intuition

∙ Personality work: awareness and handling of one's thoughts, emotions and blockages

∙ Aspects of disease and health

∙ Rules and laws of Esoteric Healing

∙ Ethical aspects of healing

∙ Introduction in Esoteric Psychology

∙ Constitution of the human being within the cosmos

∙ Birth & death

∙ Listening skills and counselling

∙ Dealing with clients

∙ Sensitivity & Diagnostics

∙ Learn to manipulate energy

∙ Introduction to anatomy and physiology

∙ The subtle bodies: structure, function and mechanisms

∙ Practical exercises with balancing of the chakra's

∙ The energetic field and the chakra’s

∙ Scientific research of the energetic field



*Gerber, R. MD. (2000), Vibrational Medicine or the 21st century, A complete guide to energy Esoteric Healing to spiritual transformation. London: Piatkus

*Bailey, A.A. (1953), Esoteric Healing. New York: Lucis Publishing Company Hopking, A. (2005), Esoteric Healing, Blue Dolphin Publishing, US


Teachers: Pieter Hiemstra  &  Elleke van Kraalingen

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Yoga & Healing Retreat
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