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All year round we offer an inspiring variety of Retreats and Courses, all of which share some common features: Every Retreat or Course we offer at la Borde Blanque is a treat for yourself, for body, mind and soul. You will be in the middle of Nature, you will be well taken care of and we will provide you with delicious vegetarian food. In all our retreats the afternoons are free, so you will have time to relax, go for a swim or a walk, or explore the wonderful environment of la Borde Blanque.


Yoga & Meditation Basic Retreats

In these inspiring retreats you will get acquainted with the basic philosophy of yoga, which is about the Art of Living. Yoga is more than just doing exercises! It is a way of life, leading towards inner joy and freedom. Our Basic Retreats give you a fundamental training in your practice of asanas, meditation and an introduction to the ancient and universal yoga philosophy in a most accessible and practical way. 


Yoga & Meditation Intensive Retreats


Our International Raja Yoga Teacher Training is a beautiful training for your personal and spiritual development, whether you wish to become a yoga teacher, are already a yoga teacher and want to deepen your practice and knowledge, or when you are a yogi and wish to deepen your experience. 

Our Raja Yoga Teacher Training is internationally acknowledged by the International Yoga Federation (IYF), honorary member of the European Union of Yoga Associations (EUYA) and the Association Française de Yoga (AFY). 

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Midsummer Retreat:

Connecting to Nature

This week is meant for those who love Yoga and Nature and who would love to learn to connect on a deeper level with Nature: with the Elements, Plants, Animals and with the Earth.


In this retreat we intend to connect and to communicate with Nature on a subtle level. Our yoga and meditation sessions will be designed around this theme.


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Yoga, Nature & Hiking Retreat


This week is meant for yoga- and nature lovers, who love to do yoga in combination with nature hikes. In addition to two yoga & meditation sessions a day, we organize several lovely hikes in a variety of surrounding landscapes of 10-15 km average. La Borde Blanque is situated at the magnificent lake ‘Lac de Montbel’, at the feet of the Pyrenees.

Yoga & Massage Retreat

In this very relaxing retreat you will be introduced to various forms and learn different techniques of massage. The emphasis is on relaxation and tranquility, in order to bring more balance into our lives. 


Hand Massage

Silence Retreat

When Northern Europe is still in winterly spheres, here at the feet of the Pyrenees spring is already fully starting and temperatures can be rising pleasantly. A perfect time to take a break and turn your attention within while you are outside in nature…

Our Silence Retreat provides you the opportunity to spend 10 days in silence, surrounded by nature, within the secluded setting of our beautiful center for yoga, meditation and healing, La Borde Blanque.


Image by Raimond Klavins
Image by Yoann Boyer

Yoga & Energy Healing Retreat


This beautiful retreat is a true treat for Body, Mind & Soul! It is an enriching combination of a Yoga & Meditation Retreat in the beautiful nature environment of La Borde Blanque and the international Energy Healing Course. (acknowledged by the International Network for Energy Healing (INEH)). 


Yoga and Meditation Retreat: Coaching with Horses

This week is meant for those who love Yoga and Horses and who would like to connect on a deeper level with horses and to learn from their qualities.

In this retreat we intend to connect and to communicate with horses on a subtle level. 


Yoga & Nature Retreat for Families

Our Yoga and Nature retreat for families is a lovely retreat with a lot of free time and space for the whole family! During this week, there are daily yoga classes for both  (grand-)parents and for children. Experience with yoga and/or meditation is not needed. Everyone can participate at their own level. During the yoga classes for the parents, there are guided activities for the children in nature on the compound of La Borde Blanque.



Personal Coaching & Private Sessions


Life-coaching, Energy Healing, physiotherapy, manual therapy, cranio-sacral therapy and / or massage.


We offer our expertise from over 20 years of experience, as therapist and coach, working in an independent practice. This is done through individual sessions, for couples or families, which will be tailored to your needs.


New Year's Eve Retreat

This beautiful Retreat on the edge of the Old and the New Year is open to everyone willing to create a week of peace and tranquility with yoga, meditation and reflection, in the middle of nature.


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