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Midsummer Yoga & Meditation Retreat: Connecting with Nature

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A beautiful (re-) treat around Midsummer Eve, for deepening your inner stillness amidst a magnificent environment to connect with Nature! This week is meant for those who love yoga and nature and who would love to learn to connect on a deeper level with Nature: with the elements, plants, animals and with the earth. In this retreat we intend to connect and to communicate with Nature on a subtle level. Our yoga and meditation sessions will be designed around this theme.

There will be two yoga and meditation sessions a day, in which we will practice our alignment and attunement. Each morning we will also have a practical session outside in Nature, where we will explore and connect with different nature kingdoms.  La Borde Blanque is situated on a hill, at the border of a lake and surrounded by forests at the feet of the Pyrenees. On the compound we have our domestic friends, our horses, dogs and a cat colony, but in and around there is also a variety of smaller and bigger wildlife and a rich flora. On some days our practical outdoor session will be combined with a lovely hike in the beautiful surroundings of La Borde Blanque.

Mediteren op t veld.jpg



No prior experience with yoga or meditation is required. Everyone can participate at his or her level and there is plenty of room for personal variations and modifications

Yoga and meditation teacher:

Elleke van Kraalingen

Hosts & Facilitators:

Pieter Hiemstra and Elleke van Kraalingen

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