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Science of the Soul

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This 80-hour module is one of the five modules of the International Raja Yoga Teacher Training consisting of a total of 400 hours of training (RYT400) which is internationally recognized. With all modules it is possible to participate as a separate retreat for your own pleasure and personal development.

Module SCS: Science of the Soul
(10 days / 80 hours)

This module offers a deepening perspective on the subtle anatomy of the human being and the cosmos, along the study of the profound book: Science of the Soul’, by Swami Yogeshvarananda Sarasvati.*. We will discuss different dimensions and bodies, along with different states of consciousness. Along with the subtle anatomy we will pay extra attention to didactics, how to structure a yoga sessions for yourself, as well as for others and different groups.

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In this module we will cover topics such as:


  • The subtle anatomy of the physical, etheric, astral, mental body, causal, buddhic and atmic body.

  • Prāna (energy): how can we handle it consciously?

  • A journey through the 7 chakras and the 7 dimensions of the cosmos.

  • Vrttis: energy swirls.

  • Samskāras: the impressions we carry with us.

  • The ego and the soul, the soul and the universe.


Furthermore, we will pay attention to:

  • Meditation as a way of life

  • How can you integrate yoga into your daily life?

  • How do you structure an asana program?

Preparation for this module consists of reading the reader to this module: “Science of the Soul’, by Swami Yogeshvarananda Sarasvati, available at La Borde Blanque.


Preparation of your own class, for a target group of your choice, if you want to opt for the final certificate.


10 days retreats consist of 18 sessions of 3 hours, alternated with free afternoons to relax, to swim, to walk and to enjoy the wonderful nature surroundings. We’ll offer different styles of yoga practice, adapted to your needs and experience and to the time of the day and the season.


Recurring themes in all Intensive Modules:

Yoga asanas and relaxation

We offer various modern styles of hatha yoga, our approach is a mindful way of practicing yoga. This means, a quiet, attentive and meditative approach. Remaining in an asana can sometimes be intense and powerful. Yet we will also introduce dynamic flow series and be mindful in action! Everyone can participate at his or her level and there is plenty of room for personal variations and modifications


Breath and energy practices. Learningto work and play with the physical breath, subtle prana flows and mental energy.

Pratyahara & Concentration & Meditation

To withdraw the senses and the attention within towards focus and meditation, in gradual steps and using different techniques, we’ll explore higher realms of consciousness under professional and experienced guidance.



In order to participate in this Intensive module one needs to have completed two of our Yoga and Meditation Basic retreats, or have an equivalent of experience in yoga and/or meditation elsewhere.


Please get in touch when interested and we can discuss the possibilities.




'Science of the Soul’, by Swami Yogeshvarananda Sarasvati.*

* Available at La Borde Blanque

'The_Yoga_Sutras_of_Patanjali'', Elleke_
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