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When Northern Europe is still in winterly spheres, here at the feet of the Pyrenees spring is already fully starting and temperatures can be rising pleasantly. A perfect time to take a break and turn your attention within while you are outside in nature…

Our Silence Retreat provides you the opportunity to spend 10 days in silence, surrounded by nature, within the secluded setting of our beautiful center for yoga, meditation and healing, La Borde Blanque.


During this retreat we offer daily two sessions of yoga asanas and meditation. During these classes the teacher will be speaking in order to give instructions. All meditations will be guided for the first few minutes followed by a progressive time span of silent meditation during the 10 days.

After the morning meditation there is an optional sharing round in which you are invited to share your inner experiences of your meditation and/or yoga asana practice, so that the teacher can guide you and give you feedback. This is the only moment of the day of sharing within the group, and again: also this session is optional! 

In addition there is the opportunity to have an individual session with either Elleke or Pieter, if there is need of support.


All meals take place in silence and are being offered as a buffet, so that you have the option to sit at the dining table and eat together in silence, or take your meal out in nature, or wherever you want to eat in your private space.


NB: All activities are optional in this retreat! 

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Dates: 25 February - 7 March 2023


Costs: €1195,-* 

This includes 10 nights in a double room with bathroom en suite, 3 delicious vegetarian meals per day, prepared with love and care, coffee, tea and snacks.

*For a single room there is an extra fee of €175,- making a total price of €1370,-

If you come individually, we ask you to book a single room.


Hosts & Facilitators: Pieter Hiemstra & Elleke van Kraalingen

Yoga Teacher: Elleke van Kraalingen 



There are 2 yoga & meditation sessions a day, morning and evening, and free afternoons to relax, to walk and to enjoy the wonderful nature surroundings.


Elements in the yoga & meditation classes:

Yoga asanas and relaxation

We are a Raja Yoga School. Raja Yoga is one of the oldest and most complete forms of yoga, where the asanas (physical practices) are considered to be a preparation for meditation. Although we offer various modern styles, our approach is a mindful way of practicing yoga. This means, a quiet, attentive and meditative approach. Remaining in an asana can sometimes be intense and powerful. Yet we will also introduce dynamic vinyasa flow series and be mindful in action! Everyone can participate at his or her level and there is plenty of room for personal variations and modifications.



Breath and energy practices


Pratyahara & Concentration & Meditation

To withdraw the senses and the attention within towards focus and we’ll take progressive steps into meditation.

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