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Yoga & Meditation Retreat:

Coaching with Horses

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This week is meant for those who love Yoga and Horses and who would like to connect on a deeper level with horses and to learn from their qualities. In this retreat we intend to connect and to communicate with horses on a subtle level. Our yoga and meditation sessions will be designed around this theme with the emphasis on body awareness. When you are a rider, both you and your horse will benefit from our sessions.



No prior experience with yoga or meditation is required, but when you are experienced, there will be plenty of opportunity to deepen you experience. The sessions will be adjusted to meet your needs.


Equine Assisted Coaching

"Your horse is your companion and riding animal, but it's also your personal coach. Perhaps you already understand its body language and can interpret its signals, so that you can optimally take care of its well-being and also form a great team together. However, your contact can continue to deepen and thereby stimulate your personal growth process. During my training as a spiritual / energetic therapist (2003-2005) I became aware that my horses flawlessly mirror how I deal with my energy. By this I mean the subtle life energy: the field that connects body-emotions-mind-soul. Through their guidance, I became aware of im-balances within myself. My training provided me with tools to create more balance. This prin-ciple has since become the basis of my working method as an equine assisted coach.What should you give more attention/energy to? What more can you feel? Simple energetic exercises provide more flow in what is stuck, an awareness of what is in the shadows. Then you will see the horse reacting differently to you. This continuous interaction is an enriching process. Horses show you, without judgment and purely from their sensitivity, where you can grow and where you can free yourself. In the morning sessions with the horses we'll work on this and thereby help you make your life, your relationships (including those with your horse) and the world a little more beautiful." Nynke Groenewegen. More about Nynke and her coaching work: 

Equi- coach

Nynke Groenewegen

Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Elleke van Kraalingen


Pieter Hiemstra, Elleke van Kraalingen

& Nynke Groenewegen




We begin and end our days with yoga & meditation, in which we will practice our alignment and attunement and become aware of the subtle energy within our bodies and our fields. You don't need to have experience with yoga, or meditation, but if you have, you will also be able to deepen your practice.


The rest of the morning we will spend with the horses: We will have a practical group coaching session outside with our herd, where individual themes can be brought in. This week we will share the care for the horses. 


After lunch there is a free afternoon, followed by a relaxing yoga session and dinner.

In the evening there is another meditation.


In the afternoons there is the possibility to have a private coaching session with Nynke and the horses. A private session may take about one up to one and a half hour and costs € 50. There is also the possibility of having a private session with Pieter or Elleke for coaching, healing or physical, manual therapy. These sessions are on basis of donation.


All activities are optional.

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