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Workshops, Trainings, Conferences and Other Social Gatherings

Being a family, coach, teacher, trainer, course facilitator you are most welcome at La Borde Blanque with your own group and programme for trainings, seminars, workshops, conferences and other gatherings.

There are different arrangements possible, by which the costs are depending on the number of participants within your group. Therefor we create the possibility for smaller groups to come and stay with us, from the number of 8 participants.


The price for the week is including the accommodation

and use of the house, kitchen and The Great Hall.

You are coming together for a whole week with a group of:

8 paying participants                       € 2995,-
9 paying participants      + € 160,-    € 3155,-
10 paying participants     + € 160,-    € 3305,-
11 paying participants      + € 160,-    € 3465,-
12 paying participants     + € 110,-     € 3575-
13 paying participants     + € 75,-      € 3650,-
14 paying participants     + € 75,-      € 3725,-


Every paying participant

up until 20                      + € 50,-     € 4025,-

La Grande Salle back 350.jpg
La Grande Salle back 350.jpg

You as group facilitator will stay for free as soon as

your group of paying participants consists of

at least 10 persons.

In addition to the price there are the costs of the final cleaning of € 250,-.

These prices are excluding meals, coffee, tea, fruit and snacks.

You can choose to take care of your own meals or ask us to provide your meals. Let us know your wishes.

For smaller groups we can provide the meals in the form of a breakfast buffet, lunch buffet and a 3 course dinner buffet.This will consist of vegetarian and as far as possible organic products, for the price per person per week of: € 250,-

Ecological Toiletries

You’re kindly asked you to bring and use only ecological toilet articles. La Borde Blanque has a natural spring offering us our drinking water. All waste water is collected in a fosse septique, being purified and returning to our land. The land takes care of us and we take care of the land.

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