For members of the INEH, who have completed all five parts of the International Course in Esoteric Healing we offer INEH Deepening Course Retreats once a year. These are five day course modules, each with a different theme, embedded within a weeks retreat, including space for rest, relaxation, digestion of course material and free time to enjoy nature and the beautiful environment of La Borde Blanque.
The programme of the week consists of 10 sessions of 3 to 4 hours, each consisting of a meditation, a lecture and/or dialogue and a practical session. These meetings are alternated with free afternoons and evenings in a gentle rhythm, adapted to the season.

Esoteric Healing Deepening Courses

The course is given according to the directions of the INEH: International Network of Esoteric Healing.


At completion of the course the graduate is honoured by a certificate of the INEH.

Possible Deepening Esoteric Healing Courses:

Life, Death & Dying

A Deepening Course on the Cycle of Reincarnation, Birth, Death, the Process of Dying and how to Care for the Dying person, on Afterlife and Communication with the other side, how do we deal with the prospect of our own death? And how are we dealing with life?

Spirituality & Intimacy in Relationships

A Deepening Course on all relationships in our lives; How are we living our spirituality within our different relationships? How to blend spirituality and intimacy? What does spirituality mean in relation to our partners, our children, our parents, our friendships, our colleagues? How do we relate to the world? Spiritual


Relationship with Nature

A Deepening Course on Communication & Co-operation with devic and nature kingdoms within our healing work. GroupD, Teaching & Leadership A Deepening Course on how to be aware of and to work with group energies, how to create a learning atmosphere and how to lead a group.


The Science of Meditation

A Deepening Course on different aspects of a profound meditation training. Different ways to meditate. How to structure a meditation? How to meditate in silence? How to guide a meditation? How to teach meditation?

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